the success story PART 1

Posted by syndrome on 2010-08-27

a success story from a freelance writer will be a spirit to readers. authors share stories like this so that the readers become more creative and innovative in its own business.

This is the story of a Freelance writer who started her career of a home based job by working with us and today not only managing her family but has a successful work at home job. We felt to pen down her amazing story for all readers.

Yes! My name is Harpreet & what I am going to share; here is something worth knowing about. A normal house wife like everyone else, I had accidentally stumbled across VR while searching for online jobs on the Internet. And this is the moment that changed my life completely. I was guided and trained to perform, and today all my credits go to VR. I cannot stop myself from praising them; I can notice the changes in myself within a year. This was a life changing turn in my life to become a Mompreneur.

That day, VR introduced me to the world of freelance writing, explaining me why content writers are much in demand & are paid nicely. What it needs to be a freelance content writer & are we having the skills to become a content writer. I came across with so many things about the profession; I always thought that I was good in English. However, I discovered some common errors and mistakes that are generally made and overlooked while writing English.

Having the Basic English writing skills, thankfully I could pick up the roots of writing articles. Of course the team of VR was always there to give their best support, wherever I had difficulty in learning.

Equipped with a desktop having an Internet connection, I got myself training on how to write better & interesting articles that eventually turned out to be a full time business for me. Yes! Today this profession has given me the potential earning of more than 1000$ per month. Guess what! I am planning to take up a car next week from my own freelance earnings. Unbelievable for many but it’s true! Now I can say that I am extremely thankful to VR, they helped me to fulfill all my dreams and still make me aware with the updates. It is obviously a long term relationship between them and me.

The Success Story of a Freelance Writer.Don’t just believe the words, trust your eyes and use your instinct. This is what I can say!

I suggest all my readers to take up the training program provided by VR that will assist you in becoming a freelance writer. In fact, during the program, you may already start earning as I had got lucky during that time getting my first overseas client. HAPPY WRITING CAREERS TO ALL! (source)

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